What is waxing hair removal?

Waxing hair removal is a semi-permanent depilation technique that pulls the hair out from the root, allowing for soft skin that lasts, right away. We work with a variety of waxes from Epilyss, including soft and hard wax. Your technician will determine which wax is more appropriate for your hair type during your appointment.

What type of hair does it target?

Waxing hair removal can be done on ANY type of hair!

What areas can be treated with waxing hair removal?

Waxing hair removal can be done anywhere on the body where hair grows! This includes: eyebrows, chin, upper & lower lip, jaw line & sides of the face, breast & underarms, abdomen, full bikini, bikini line, legs and back.

Is waxing hair removal painful?

Everyone has a very different pain threshold, and pain level varies with areas. We use a variety of waxes in order to keep you as comfortable as possible during the treatment.

How should I prepare myself for the treatment?

Generally, you need to have your hair at a length of at least ¼”, or around 2-3 weeks since you last shaved.

For full Brazilian wax (or full bikini wax) we ask that you come freshly showered. Try to keep your skin as dry as possible, and again, make sure your hair is at least ¼”.

Will I need special care after the treatment?

You may experience red bumps and irritation on the waxed area. These symptoms should go away within the day, lasting for up to 48hours. You should avoid being in the sun too much, tanning, perfumes, scented lotions, deodorant, hot showers, baths, or saunas for about 48 hours after waxing.

When will my hair grow back?

New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle.

Who can benefit from waxing hair removal?

Waxing hair removal is for anyone, men and women, of any colour, and of any age!

*Extra fee may apply for the use of hard wax

Full legs $63 $45
1/2 legs $32 $26
Thighs $36 $31
Full arms $38 $29
1/2 arm $30 $18
Armpits $23 $20
Abdomen $25 $15
Lower back $25 $15
Bikini line $35 $18
Bikini string $55 $45
Bikini full $65 $53
Buttocks $35 $22
Upper lip $22 $16
Chin $29 $25
Chin/neck $39 $32
Eyebrows $28 $22
Full back + shoulders $65 $59
Full chest $63 $56

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