Microblading : a new semi-permanent makeup technique!

Long lasting results for a natural look!

What is it ?

Microblading, also called 6D technique, is a semi-permanent makeup that lets you restructure your eyebrows in a “larger than life” way.

This technique identically replicates real hair strokes. Microblading allows to draw lines with extreme finesse. The results look amazingly natural!

Who is eligible for Microblading?

Microblading can be done on men and women. This technique is great for whoever wishes to transform or modify the shape, length, thickness and/or density of their natural brows.

It is also well recommended for people with illnesses or conditions that cause hair loss.

How long does it last?

The final result will last between 12 to 18 months. It will vary depending on your skin type and how fast it regenerates itself.

A touch up is often recommended to extend the results.

Is it painful?

The pigment insertion can be uncomfortable for some people.  Pain levels varie from one person to another. We do apply a numbing gel on the area before the treatment, which makes it much easier for you.

How does the treatment go?

The treatment itself takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

We start out by sketching on the future shape of the brows and picking out the color with you. Then, we apply the numbing gel, and once it is effective, we start applying the pigment, following the guides we’ve drawn.

The next day at home, you need to apply a specific healing cream every 2 hours to prevent scabbing.  The following 2-3 days, you apply the cream a couple of times a day until the eyebrows are completely healed.

A touch up is necessary in most cases, 4 weeks after the first treatment. This is the time period for the skin to fully renew itself and completely heal. At this step, we are not thickening the lines, only evening out the color and the lines.

Your eyebrow, now always perfect, will be your best accessory for a flawless look!

Microblading $585 $450
Microblading touch up $260 $200

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