What is the Anti Acne facial?

Our Anti acne facial uses a variety of techniques and devices to clean your face more thoroughly than what other treatments would provide. You can expect to have the pores in your face open up, an extraction of the clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads and milia, a deep pore cleansing treatment and a healing masks to improve the skin’s surface and underlying layers.

What skin issues does it target?

Our Anti-Acne facial is designed for people suffering from acne. It can include

  • Black heads
  • Pimples
  • Milia
  • Skin inflammation
  • Papules
  • Pustules

How many treatments should I expect to see results?

A difference can be observed after the very first treatment. However, depending on the issue you want to target, and how advanced it is, your technician will be able to recommend exactly how many treatments are recommended for YOUR skin.

Is the Anti Acne facial painful?

The treatment is relatively painless. The extraction of the black heads may be uncomfortable, but our technicians are specifically trained to do it in the most painless way possible.

Will I need special care after the Anti Acne facial?

There are minimal side effects from an anti acne facial. Occasionally, people with sensitive skin do experience irritation after the treatment, but this often subsides within a few hours. If you have especially sensitive skin, let the technician know beforehand as it may change which techniques and devices they employ. Furthermore, it is always recommended to continue to care for your skin at home. Your technician will be able to advice you on what to add/remove from your skin routine.

Who can benefit from the Anti Acne facial?

Our Anti-Acne facial is specifically designed to target anyone, men and women, of any age and any skin colour, suffering from acne. The procedures and devices used vary according to YOUR skin type, making it suitable for everyone suffering from acne.

TREATMENT Duration Regular VIP *
Anti acne cleansing treatment 60 min 385$ 235$
Anti acne treatment – Glow booster peeling 60 min 415$ 289$
Marine peeling – Intense detox 60 min 475$ 330$
Anti-Acne with IPL 60 min 395$ 275$

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