How does the teeth whitening treatment work?

We use a combination of pre-whitening and LED laser light technique. The pre-whitening gets rid of all surface-level stains and hydrates the teeth. This helps to prevent any sensitivity often found in other teeth whitening techniques. Our technique is a gutter free technique.

We then apply the whitening gel with a pen-like tool and leave it under LED laser light so it opens up the pores and oxygenates the enamel.

What results can I expect after the treatment?

For most people, we can expect the teeth to go 3 to 4 shades lighter (we will determine your colour level with you before starting the treatment).

The results vary from one person to another, and are more visible on yellow / dark teeth.

If you want to perfect your results, you can come more than once. The results won’t fade with time, but the teeth might get yellow because of daily habits (smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine and sugary juices) in which case we recommend you come back for touch up sessions.

Is teeth whitening painful?

No, it is a quick, easy and pain free treatment! We use a special technique that keeps the gums untouched and apply pre-whitening to hydrate the teeth before to prevent any sensitivity of the teeth after the treatment.

The mouth spacer used to keep the teeth in place might be uncomfortable for people with smaller mouths, but it is very manageable.

Furthermore, our technique is perfectly safe and approved by Health Canada. It is a quick, easy and pain-free treatment.

Will I need special care after the treatment?

You don’t need any special care after the treatment. We do recommend you don’t eat or drink anything but water for an hour after the treatment to prevent staining. If you’d like to add teeth whitening products to your routine at home, we recommend charcoal-based teeth polishers. They are very natural products that will give your teeth a shine and further the results you attain.

Who can benefit from the teeth whitening?

Anyone, of any skin colour, with mature teeth, can do this treatment. There are no secondary effects and you can go back to your regular activities immediately after your session.

Teeth whitening $285 $199

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