Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment

What are blackheads?

Blackheads are small pimples (also called “zits”) containing sebum, with either a white or black tip.
The black coloration comes from the oxidation of the keratinocytes in the sebum. Blackheads are usually between 1 to 3 mm large. At this stage, all conditions are reunited to develop bacteria, which is usually already inside the follicle, and the blackhead will then evolve into a pimple or pustule.

What causes blackheads

Puberty and hormonal changes.
The use of comedogenic cosmetic products, such as oils or makeup products like powders.
Bad skin hygiene or a diet rich in fats and sugar.
Oily and combination skins are more prone to blackheads. The pores are more dilated et produce more sebum then dry skin.

Who’s more at risk for blackheads?

People with oily and combination skin types are more prone to have blackheads. Certain areas of the face, often oilier, are at risk, such as : nose, forehead, chin and even upper back.

Should I pierce my blackheads?

When we press out a blackhead, a mix of the sebum and the skin cells of the capillary canal, the keratinocytes, comes out in a filament that looks like a worm. This technique is not recommended to do at home because it creates risks of infection, damages your skin, creates redness and can even infect other areas of the face.

What to think of blackhead removal strips?

Blackhead removal strips soften the clog and stick to the sebum-dead cells mixture inside the skin. All the “waste” sticks to the strip and gives a clean looking skin. According to Dr. Braeken, those are not really efficient and are not recommended for sensitive or dry skin types. Because of its sticky surface, the strips often tears off a small layer of skin and is not the best solution to remove blackheads.

Do I need a Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment?

If you have blackheads, and you’ve been manually extracting blackheads or whiteheads at home, it’s more beneficial to have these skin imperfections addressed professionally. It takes a skilled and professionally trained skin care clinician to safely and effectively extract blackheads and whiteheads. Manual extraction of blackheads at home can irritate the skin and possibly lead to scarring and skin infections.

What’s involved in a Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment?

In all Deep Cleansing Facial Treatments, we will start by cleansing the skin with specific dermatologist approved products. Then, we will use a combination of devices to get rid of all blackheads and whiteheads beneath the skin’s surface. In certain cases, the use of the Oxygen Water Jet, LED light therapy, IPL and/or mild peeling can be added to maximize the results. We finish the treatment by applying a mask and highly hydrating and toning products to prevent the skin’s dehydration and to protect its freshly cleansed surface.

Prices for Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment start at 165$.

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