Open pores

What are open pores?

Open pores are the dilated opening of oil glands concentrated mainly on T-zone and surrounding cheeks. They occur because of unchecked oil secretions at the younger age and get worse when your skin gets lax in old age.

What causes open pores?

Most often, genetics determine who will have large pores. Other causes for large pores can be oily skin, since excess oil sits around the skin’s pores, making them appear enlarged.

Oily and unclean skin can also cause oils to settle around the pores, making them appear larger as the skin around them thickens. Skin thickens, too, from sun damage and aging, as cells build up around pore openings.

Blackheads do not cause large pores, but they are an undesirable result of them, a result of dirt settling into large pores and — given their dark color — being especially easy to spot on the skin.

What can I do for my open pores?

Depending on your skin type, we offer a variety of treatments that can help, notably:

You can combine any of those techniques for a more efficient treatment

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