More than 20 years of


Milada Salon & Spa is one of Canada’s leading experts in medical aesthetics technology. We specialize in body and facial treatments using cutting edge technology. Our well renowned beauty and aesthetics services include anti-acne and antiaging facial treatments, scalp treatments, laser permanent hair removal, Silky Skin, EpilFree and waxing hair removal. Anti-Cellulite, weight loss and other body treatments are also offered.

For more than 20 years, Milada Salon & Spa has offered quality and exclusive care as well as professional products to an evergrowing customer base, which proves our impeccable international reputation.

In order to respond to this increased market demand, Milada Salon & Spa will select a specific group of people to take advantage of the opportunity to expand through a franchise system.

A Franchise

The success of the franchise resides on a welldesigned and established enterprise that focuses on developing an international business that inspires trust in all it has to offer.

Milada Salon & Spa has over 20 years of experience
to guide and help you succed.

Milada Salon & Spa franchisees can expect
continuous support with business development, training with current and any future new equipment and products, access to products at preferred rates, as well as a proven exceptionally effective marketing program to generate a solid client base.


From site selection to staff training, we have your back!

Company History

Milada Salon & Spa’s concept creator, Ms. Milada, possesses more than 20years of experience in a unique mix of fields: nursing, dermo aesthetics, naturopathy, electrolysis, cosmetics, massage therapy and laser treatments.

Since its inception in 1996, Milada Salon & Spa has been keeping up to date with evolving technologies that our clients increasingly become aware of and expect in their treatments from us.

With want to share this formula with you.

The Milada Method

Milada Salon & Spa’s success resides in its unique approach, where all services are performed with the help of cutting-edge technology, and its marketing strategy has been proven to be highly effective over the years.

The overall experiences of its personnel and the precise aesthetic treatments have made Milada Salon & Spa a well recognized name.

The primary services include anti-acne and anti-aging facial treatments, scalp treatments, laser permanent hair removal, Silky Skin, EpilFree and waxing.

All cutting-edge technology equipment Milada Salon & Spa uses meets the Milada quality and performance standards.

Every associate in a Milada Salon & Spa franchise will receive a customer service training from the franchisor to ensure consistent high quality service in each salon.


We figured it out… so you don’t have to!

Main Benefits

  • International and diversified business opportunity to operate with Milada Salon & Spa franchise
  • The right to use the name and reputation of Milada Salon & Spa
  • Access to business plans and to the user’s manual
  • Priority access to proprietary equipment
  • Territory-exclusive agreement
  • Training in Milada Salon & Spa specific management methods
  • Staff training
  • Complete support in marketing
  • Input in business plan development
  • Assistance with site location and leasing
  • Assistance with start up
  • Assistance prior to opening
  • Strong contribution towards a successful opening
  • Constant support


Be your own boss! Make your passion your paycheck.

Marketing Program

Milada Salon & Spa’s marketing program has been proven to be highly efficient throughout the years.

The program targets individuals within a narrow demographic group defined by its mid to high income earnings and a sophisticated sense of self.

It efficiently uses the growing circle of social media to generate numerous new clients each week. Furthermore, through an effective use of Google AdWords, it is consistently on the top of the list during online searches.

Milada Salon & Spa also secures the endorsement of nationally renowned comedians and actors, making them the Salon’s spokespeople in the media.

Typical Milada Client

Both male and female make up Milada Salon & Spa’s permanent customer base. These are people with a sophisticated sense of self and yearning to look youthful.

A typical Milada Salon & Spa customer revisits the salon monthly and is 95% satisfied with all our treatments provided, customer service, and competitive pricing.


Consistently evolving through technological advancements !

Benefits Of Milada Salon & Spa Franchise

Milada Salon & Spa’s unique method resides in its services performed with the help of cutting-edge technology as well as its highly effective marketing strategy. The overall experience of its staff and its precise aesthetic treatments have made Milada Salon & Spa an internationally wellrecognized name.

Being a part of Milada Salon & Spa, it’s having access to:

  • Custom made cutting-edge technologies made just for Milada Salon & Spa
  • Milada’s precise aesthetic treatment’s protocols
  • Milada’s advanced aesthetic techniques
  • High quality products and services
  • Milada Salon & Spa’s unique and exclusive marketing strategies
  • Long term profitability and viability
  • Professional atmosphere
  • Code of ethics practiced by our trained technicians
  • Continuous training for franchisees and staff

Business That Works

No need to reinvent the wheel, hit the ground running with a proven business model that works.
The use of documented Milada’s strategies and protocols will guide you to success in a short period of time.

Investment Opportunity

The Milada Salon & Spa franchise presents a promising opportunity for aspiring business owners that choose to control their own destiny by becoming self-sufficient and being their own boss in an ever growing and thriving industry.

Your investment is backed by over 20 successful years in business.

By utilizing the proven system of Milada Salon & Spa, you will employ high-end client services, top-notch technology, comprehensive business management systems, innovative marketing programs, and sophisticated merchandising.

This all equates to a very sound investment for those who qualify to be awarded a franchise and have a keen interest in beauty & aesthetics.

These are some of the key benefits of investing into a Milada Salon & Spa franchise:

  • Very high profit margins
  • Turn-key business solution
  • Progressive Milada Salon & Spa upgrades
  • Over twenty years of the Milada Salon & Spa brand
  • A solid support system to ensure your success
  • Overseas business opportunities
  • International business operation experience (Canada, Caribbean Islands, Holland)

Initial Investment (new location)

Initial Franchise Fee of $35,000 to $45,000. This gives you access to the rights to all of our trademarks, proprietary protocols, operating systems, initial training and procedures that make a Milada Salon & Spa Franchise successful.

The initial franchise fee also includes full setup assistance.

Total estimated Milada Salon & Spa franchise initial investment opportunity ranges from $375,000 – 550,000 based on 650sq. ft. to 800sq. ft.


  • Initial Franchise Fee
  • Leasehold Improvements & Construction
  • Business License & Permits
  • Service Equipment & Fixtures
  • Lease Payments (3 months)
  • Reception Inventory
  • Opening, Operating & Retail Inventory
  • Grand Opening Advertising
  • After Opening, 3 Months of Full-Time Assistance
  • Signage
  • Operating Systems Setup
  • Operating Working Capital

Already own an existing spa?

Initial investment for Conversion to Milada Salon & Spa:

  • Conversion cost starts at $65,000, determined by your  existing setup, and our evaluation of your facilities.
  • Reduced franchise fees and royalty rates for existing spa owners.
  • Possibility of funding from Milada Salon & Spa

Royalties & Marketing Fees

  • Ongoing royalty fee of 6% of the gross revenue per week. This fee covers ongoing support from our Corporate Team professionals to ensure your success. Your success is ours, and we take pride in ensuring future brand development.
  • International  /  Regional Weekly Advertising Fee: 2% of the gross revenue.
  • Local Advertising Fee: 5% per month (digital & printmedia)


The main steps towards the opening of your Milada Salon & Spa


1. Read and understand this document
2. Prepare a series of questions based on this document for the Q&A session
3. Book an appointment ( skype or live) for interview.
4. Appointment (skype or live) for:

  • Interview
  • Q&A session
  • Proof of financial means (through financial records or net worth)

5. Confirmation of intent and signing of the nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement
6. Book an appointment for a business plan presentation.


1. Appointment for business plan presentation, including:

  • Specifics on services and products
  • Technology employed
  • Marketing strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Financial projections
  • Project’s cost
  • Balance sheets
  • Income statement
  • Specifics included in the price

2. Follow-up; Q & A session


1. Appointment for bid offer presentation, accompanied with proof of availabilities of funds or proof of financing offer
2. Signature of bid’s acceptance by both parties
3. Presentation of the contract
4. Q&A session
5. Signature of the contract by both parties


1. Geographical site selection for Milada Salon & Spa
2. Business plan development
3. Arrangement and furnishing of the new site with the franchiser
4. Full management training for the Milada Salon & Spa franchise
5. Final preparation for the opening of the Milada Salon & Spa franchise
6. Inauguration of the Milada Salon & Spa
7. Exploitation of the Milada Salon & Spa

Canada: (office) 514-725-8275 / (cell) 514-515-5245
Caribbean Islands: 001-721-544-2400 (or) +59 069-066-0655

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