Dehydrated oily skin

What is dehydrated oily skin?

You may think you have dry oily skin but it is not possible. You are most likely to have dehydrated oily skin. Indeed, dry skin is a skin that produces less oils than the average, something you are born with. Someone with oily skin has more than enough oil. That tight feeling you sometimes get is due to a lack of water, called dehydration.

What causes dehydrated oily skin?

Oily skin in itself can be genetic attribute, and in that case, you cannot change it, simply adapt your skin routine to it. However, dehydrated skin is due to unfit products, or a lack of products, at home. Sometimes, even with all the right products, the skin may still be lacking water, sometimes due to dietary habits, or because it simply needs a facial boost.

What can I do for my dehydrated oily skin?

We offer a variety of treatments that can help, notably:

You can combine any of those techniques for a more efficient treatment

It is very important to keep a strong at home routine to keep dehydrated oily skin in place.

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