A Deep Cleansing Facial Cleans, Oxygenates, Hydrates Your Skin And Gets Rid Of Blackheads!

How often ?

We recommend coming for facial treatments once every season. If your budget allows it, once a month is ideal.

When can I do a Deep Cleansing Facial?

Whenever you want! Now, with the latest technologies, deep cleansing doesn’t cause any skin irritation, redness or break outs, even on very sensitive skin types. You can come for a treatment and jump back to your regular activities immediately with you fresh and glowing complexion.

How does it work?

  • STEP ONE : Skin Evaluation

We always start with an evaluation of your skin’s type (oily, dry, normal, mixed, etc.) and its problems, such as spots, rosacea, acne, etc. to determine what products and treatments would be best for you.

This is the time to let us know of any allergies or specific problems, and to ask us all your questions about how to improve your daily skincare.

  • STEP TWO : Cleansing

This type of treatment has objective to brighten the skin and get rid of any dead cells. We start by getting rid of all the makeup remains, sebum and dirt on the skin with a specific lotion. Then, we exfoliate and apply an enzyme peeling to prepare and soften the skin. After, we start the extraction of all the black heads and milia (deposits of sebum that create white balls on the skin’s surface).

Then, using our Oxygen Water jet device with its saline water based serum, we will get rid of any dirt left in the pores, calm any redness and disinfect the skin.

After, we will continue the treatment with either a gel or cream mask using products adapted to your skin’s needs. We finish the facial by applying a day cream.


Between 30 to 90 minutes


Prices start at 165$ depending on your skin condition, the devices used and the duration of the treatment.

An evaluation is necessary before choosing the right treatment for you.

How many sessions do I need?

In most cases, one treatment is enough!
A single Deep Cleansing Facial will be plenty to give you a radiant, glowing look.  Although, in some cases of heavy amounts of blackheads and milia, we might recommend 2 or 3 treatments every
3 weeks to perfect the cleansing.

How long does it last?

The results usually lasts up to 21 days, but you can extend these results greatly with good habits and an adapted skin care routine at home.

Feel safe and relaxed – all of our treatments are performed by experienced beauty professionals!

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