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Oxygen waterjet
Prendre rendez-vous Prices starting from 165$ for one facial care or get a free consultation with an aesthetician. For more information please call us at 514-725-8275 or email us ! Our beauty care team of experts will be delighted to help you find a treatment or a personalized program for face beautification: Oxygen WaterJet

Soins de base $165 $99 for 30 minutes (PROMO)
Soins avancé $220 $135 for 50 minutes (PROMO)
Soins expert $360 $230 for 75 minutes (PROMO)

What results can I expect after the program?

effective at improving and reducing fine lines age spots or brown spots helpful with oily and enlarged pores excellent anti-aging treatment rosacea cleans clogged pores

What is Oxygen WaterJet?

Oxygen WaterJet is an all natural, painless, skin treatment procedure that improves the appearance and texture of your skin in a rapid manner and provides a discernible enhancement to the recipient from the very first treatment.

How does the Oxygen Waterjet work?

Oxygen WaterJet gently “pressure washes” your skin using salty water and oxygen. This gentle cleansing unclogs pores and removes any debris that has naturally built-up in the skin over the years. In addition, each treatment session provides micro-circulation to the treated area. Your skin will appear more vibrant, smooth and youthful.

Where on the body can Oxygen WaterJet be used?

Oxygen WaterJet is most commonly performed on the face, neck and neckline areas. However, it can easily be administered to any area of the body that requires smoothing, deep cleansing and hydration such as the hands, feet, chest, back and even elbows.

How many Oxygen WaterJet treatments are needed?

Oxygen WaterJet treatments are usually administered in a series of treatment sessions. The actual amount is determined by your trained personnel, based upon the condition you desire to have corrected or improved. Oxygen WaterJet treatments are usually performed every 10 to 30 days. Thereafter, “touch-up” or “maintenance” treatments are scheduled as needed. Maintenance sessions have proven to be especially helpful in maintaining a patient/client’s skin clarity and luster.

How will I look and feel after an Oxygen WaterJet treatment?

During the actual brief treatment session, your skin may take on either a pink hue or become slightly lighter in color depending upon your skin type. However, within 15 to 30 minutes after the treatment is completed, your skin will typically return to its natural coloration so that you can immediately return to your normal activities without any discomfort.

Is the Oxygen WaterJet a safe treatment procedure?

All Oxygen WaterJet treatments are safe for both the patient and the administering staff member. It can be used on people of all ages.

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