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Scalp treatment
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The Scalp and its Problems

Often, when we think about our hair, we have a tendency to forget one of the most important element: our scalp. If you have a healthy scalp, it’s easy to forget about it, but for those of us who suffer from common problems of the scalp, it is a permanent concern. Here a few common problems and some ways to fight them: Dandruff : This is probably the most common scalp problem (and the most ill treated). Dandruff is medically know as pityriasis and is characterised by a large quantity of dead skin falling off the scalp and in the hair, and we usually see it fall on people’s shoulders. Often, a person who has dandruff can interpret it, wrongly, as a sign of dry skin. However, even though dry skin can indeed cause skin to fall from the scalp, dandruff is often larger, greasier or oily and accompanied by redness and irritation of the scalp. Dandruff is interpreted as the result of an infection and this greasy and oily dead skin is often accompanied by a smell. Drying out of the scalp : This drying of the skin is another common problem that affects people, particularly during winter time where in cold regions we are forced to frequently go from a heated area to a cool area. The scalp’s skin starts to pull and itch and small flakes of dead skin fall when the hair is combed or brushed. Dryness problems are often identified, wrongly, as dandruff problems and treated as such, which can make things worse. Fortunately, there are now several products available on the market that allow the treatment of both dandruff and dryness, which insures that you will not make a mistake. The greasy scalp : This is a subject that often comes up when speaking about the scalp, since greasy scalps are particularly difficult to stand, in particular when we have long hair. Most available anti-grease treatments or products can dry the tips of the hair if they are not used correctly. This is moreover one the most common complaints: “When I shampoo every day to treat my greasy scalp, my hair gets very dry, but when I use a fortifying product, my hair quickly becomes very greasy at its roots.” Psoriasis of the scalp : Psoriasis of the scalp is very frequent. Psoriasis of the scalp manifests itself most often by blotches on the nape of the neck, around the ears, on the top of the skull, on the scalp. Psoriasis of the scalp can form really crusty shells.


Oxygen WaterJet cleans the scalp with oxygen pressure and saltwater or specific serum at a speed of 200 meters per second. This cleaning frees the pores and removes all the debris stuck under the skin up to the dermis. Moreover, this treatment improves the blood circulation of the treated area to prevent hair loss.

How many Oxygen WaterJet scalp treatments do I need?

Oxygen WaterJet treatments are administered by session. The exact number of treatments can vary from one person to another. Our team of experts possessing more than 15 years of experience in beauty care will be delighted to help you find a personalized program for your scalp.

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