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Hair removal with PTL
Prendre rendez-vous Prices starting from 55$ for one PTL hair removal treatment or get a free consultation with an aesthetician. For more information please call us at 514-725-8275 or email us ! Our beauty care team of experts will be delighted to help you better understand this new technology.

What is PTL?

PTL is the newest technology (Photo Therapy Flash) that is recommended in the medical and aesthetic industries today. Its range of treatments acts selectively on skin problems while avoiding harming it. Updated from the IPL, PTL technology uses light energy with heat energy to reach a maximum efficiency so that it can provide safe and effective treatments for permanent removal of unwanted hair. The elimination of hair, permanent hair removal eliminates hair of all colors on all types of skin, even tanned (we do, however, advise against sun exposure 3 weeks before and after a session for better results).

Advantages of the new PTL technology Painless, safe, fast hair removal How is the session set up?

The duration of the hair removal sessions varies as it depends on the surface to be treated. A session can last from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours for just one area. The interval between sessions gets longer as the treatment progresses. The number of sessions varies according to the area but also from one patient to another. The area to be treated must be carefully shaved before the session so that the tip of the hair is at the surface of the skin (1mm length for hair). Waxing may have also taken place during the 8 weeks preceding the hair removal session. However, for the information visit, it is recommended to preserve some hairiness so that the technician can assess the situation and the PTL indication.

What results can I expect?

Each treatment session with PTL will reduce the amount of hair that will grow back. Furthermore, the new growth will be more and more clear, thin and slow. More than one treatment is necessary to reach all the follicles of an area. Most people obtain satisfactory results after four to eight treatments, but these results vary according to medical and genetic factors. Light hair can require more treatments than dark hair.

The cost of your treatment

The cost of hair removal varies according to the surface of the area to be treated and so according to the duration of the treatment. The initial consultation is free. The price of your treatment varies according to the number and size of areas to be treated. The eventual treatments of more than one area during one session will reduce the cost of the treatment.

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