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Stretch marks
Prendre rendez-vous Prices starting from 180$ for one anti-stretch marks treatment or get a free consultation with an aesthetician. For more information please call us at (514) 725-8275 or email us

What are stretch marks?

The deep layers of the skin contain fibres called collagen fibres and elastic fibres. Their role is fundamental because they insure the elasticity and the resistance of the skin. In other words, when we pull on the skin, it resists and returns to its initial position thanks to these fibres. If we pull on the skin too fast or in an exaggerated manner, the fibres break. It’s as if we were tearing the skin from the inside. These are stretch marks.

Why do we get stretch marks?

Weight gain and pregnancy are classic moments when stretch marks appear on women. They can be more or less deep. They are formed on the areas on which there is the most pulling, such as on the buttocks or the hips. Stretch marks are a type of internal scars, so we indeed cannot make them disappear. A good prevention plan would be avoiding quick weight gain, but also avoiding cortisone based creams that are known for causing stretch marks. We must also hydrate our skin.

Can we get rid of stretch marks?

We can reduce the appearance of stretch marks with our anti-stretch marks beauty treatment. Our team of experts possessing more than 15 years of experience in aesthetic care will be delighted to help you find a personalized anti-stretch marks program. With our state of the art technology, we use the most effective devices available on the market today to fight stretch marks. Each program is personalized and uses a combination of the most recent technologies.

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