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Body waistline
Prendre rendez-vous Prices starting from 190$ for one weight loss/waste line reduction treatment or get a free consultation with an aesthetician. For more information please call us at (514) 725-8275 or email us

Do you worry about your waistline?

Excess weight located on the belly can have many causes: - Localised in front, under the ribs up to the pubis, mostly cellulite, soft and in clusters: it is generally fat storage caused by stress. - If fat is rather localised on the sides, as a lifesaver around the pant’s belt: it is storage related to bad nutritional hygiene. In short, we eat more calories than we spend. It’s the same type of storage that we can see on the hips or the buttocks of the women concerned. - Finally, if the belly is rather swollen, but skin is tense and no superficial fat is visible, it is intra-abdominal fat. Lipids are stored around the viscera. Generally it affects men after their forties and women after menopause. It is the most dangerous type of fat for the cardiovascular system, but it is the easiest to eliminate. Do you recognize yourself in any or all of these three categories? We can help you with our beauty treatment for the waistline reduction/weight loss: Our team of experts with more than 15 years of experience in aesthetic care will be delighted to help you find a personalized waistline reduction/weight loss program. With state of the art technology, we use the most effective devices currently available on the market to fight fat. Each program is personalized and uses a combination of the most recent technologies as well as a health program and a nutrition follow-up.

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